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Hands On Review of the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968!

In this review I will be discussing the features, build quality, heating capacity, and my own personal experience with this heater.

I purchased my first Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 in October of 2014.  Since then I have monitored its performance and my energy savings so I can share them in this review.When I first began using portable infrared heaters to heat my home during the winter of 2011 I began to see an average 35% + savings on my heating bills compared to previous years using my central gas furnace. Needless to say, with results like that, IDr Infrared Heater dr968 Review have become a big fan and strong advocate of using infrared heaters for zone heating to save money on home heating costs.

I needed another infrared heater to heat my shop which is actually my garage.  I had been using a regular resistance space heater which works OK if you stand right in front of it but it really runs up the electric bill.After a lot of researched I decided the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 seemed like my best choice.

I wanted to get the most heating from the smallest heater for the lowest price. The Dr. Infrared Heater seemed to fit those requirements best.

Dr Infrared Heater USA, the Company

Dr. Infrared Heater USA is located at 239 Harbor Way, South San Francisco, CA. They specialize in alternative & supplemental heating products. The infrared heater they provide at “Factory Direct” prices are manufactured by the same factory that supplies Home Depot and Sears, only without the Big Box store prices.

The Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 is the companies original infrared heater. I found that Amazon normally sells them at lower prices than other sellers!  Although, that does seem to vary depending on the demand.

Before I made my decision to purchase I decided to give the company a call and quiz them about their advertising claims.  They were friendly and answered all my questions satisfactorily.  (For service or questions at 1.800.317.1688.)

Heating Output of the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968

The feature that grabbed my attention when reviewing infrared heaters was the very high heating output of the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968. Most manufactures claim their 1500 watt infrared heaters will heat up to 1000 square feet. Of course that claim is ambiguous.
Dr Infrared Heater dr968 Review
According to Dr. Heater Corp. they use the same 1500 Wattage as other infrared heaters to obtain more Heat, 255F@3.2m/s Vs 150F@2.4m/s. That amounts to 60% more heat than other infrared heater models. I have not personally been able to verify that claim.

What I can say is the Heat Output of my Dr. Infrared Heater is absolutely amazing!

Watch this cool Customer Review VIDEO!

Dr Infrared Heater dr968 Review

Dr. Infrared Heater dr968, FEATURES

Size: One of the features that I appreciate is that my Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 is significantly smaller than my other 1500 watt infrared heaters at only 13” deep x 11” width x 16” height. Compare that to my Duraflame Livingston at 15.6 x 20.1 x 18.4 inches. That is a lot of saved floor space! Don’t get me wrong, I love my trusty old Duraflame Livingston.

Cabinet: The cabinet of the Dr. Infrared Heater is made in the USA out of real wood. I wouldn’t liken it to a fine piece of furniture but the quality is good. It looks fine in any room!

Controls: You can control the Dr. Infrared Heater two ways – either with the push button controls on the front Panel or with the included wireless Remote Control.Dr Infrared Heater dr968 Review You can easily set the desired temperature with either, and set the 12 hour Automatic Shut-off Timer. You do have to turn the heater on first using the panel power button before you can use the remote control.

Noise Level: The Dr. Infrared Heater utilizes a ball bearing high pressure Blower (not a fan) which only produces 39dB. That is quiet compared to most other heaters I have reviewed. That’s certainly a plus, but just as important, the ball bearings increase the likelihood it will last for many years of service.  I have learned from experience that the two most likely components to fail first are the fan and the heating elements.

Swivel Casters: Although the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 only weighs about 23 pounds it has Swivel Casters to make mobility easy. Most other 1500 watt infrared heaters weigh around 40 pounds.

Auto Power Settings: Auto, Low 1000W and High 1500W. Auto Energy Saving mode allows you to set temperature from 50F to 86F. Or, you can manually select Low or High mode to allow heater to run continually or use with the Timer.

Dual Heating System: The Dr. Heater utilizes two types of heating systems, radiant heating and convection heating. The benefit is you get all the benefits of Infrared Heat but also the faster heating of Convection Heating.

Safety: The Dr. Infrared Heater has built in Over Heating and Tip-over protection. The standard 3 prong plug is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada. It works in any 110v outlet.  I recommend a 15 amp circuit breaker.

Dr Infrared Heater dr968 ReviewDr. Infrared Heater Corporation claims “the dr968 is designed to last “up to 80,000 hours.”    After some research and a phone call I learned that the PTC Resistance element that produces the convection heat typically lasts up to 80,000 hours. The Quartz heating elements have a life expectancy up to 20,000 hours. These are the more expensive elements that produce the Infrared Heat. That’s a lot of heating hours!

Thoughts and Recommendation

So far, the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 has fulfilled all my expectations. UPDATE: I have now used the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 for 3 full heating seasons 2014/2015 to 2016/2017

I am now using it to heat my 222 sq. ft. master bedroom which I also use as my office. Even during the coldest days here in Georgia the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 keeps the room at 72 degrees without having run constantly. You might have a different experience depending on factors such as insulation and exposure.

The quality of the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 is good enough where it needs to be to get the job done without costing a lot.

The cabinet isn’t a furniture showpiece but it doesn’t look cheap either.

If you are looking for a portable infrared heater to help save with your heating costs or just to heat a spare room I don’t think you can beat the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 as far as value.

I recommend it!

Dr Infrared Heater dr968 Review